Detroit’s Art Institutions Seeing Red

Detroit’s storied economic woes are having a depressing effect on its top-tier art institutions, according to a story from the Detroit Free Press.

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Michigan Opera Theatre and Detroit Institute of Arts are all feeling the pinch, and their budgets reflect it.

Detroit Opera House

Detroit Opera House

“The world has changed,” said David Campbell, president of the McGregor Fund, a Detroit foundation that funds the arts, health and human services, education and other areas told the FP. “It’s not going to be good enough to just try and get through this until the economy gets a little better.”

Art institutions throughout the Detroit Metro Area are cutting costs with layoffs and eliminating programming.

According to the article, a new business model is needed so that Detroit can retain it’s world-class arts institutions in a dramatically reshaped economy.



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2 responses to “Detroit’s Art Institutions Seeing Red

  1. This may be the most depressing Detroit story of all.

  2. Sarah Hartley

    The Toledo Museum of Art is having problems too. It was endowed so well by Edqard Drummond Libbey that they have never even charged admission. But its portfolio has really suffered and it has laid off staff.

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