Ohio Land Bank Legislation Official

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland yesterday signed legislation that will make it easier for cities to take control of vacant and abandoned properties.

The land bank legislation was championed by Cuyahoga County officials and urban policy advocates alike. It will allow county governments to establish land banks to clear the title to foreclosed homes and begin the process of returning the property to productive use.

Many Ohio Cities have long operated their own land banks. However, without a strong legal framework, local efforts have been challenging.

The state law is modeled after a program recently adopted in Cuyahoga County, which is home to Cleveland. Cuyahoga’s land bank, in turn, was modeled after Genesee County’s, home to Flint, Michigan.

Here’s a Toledo Blade story if you want more details.



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3 responses to “Ohio Land Bank Legislation Official

  1. Beth B

    Does anyone know what the sort of stipulations on use of the land once it is acquired by the county is (ie: affordability, community driven development, living wage, etc.)? I think land banks can be very positive if used constructively, so this sounds great but details are missing from most of the news articles I’ve read so far on it.

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