Want to hear some good news about Detroit?


Here it is, from Aaron Renn at Urbanophile.

Thanks to Rust Wire reader and Detroiter Claudia Raleigh for bringing this to our attention.

What do you think about the points he makes?


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One response to “Want to hear some good news about Detroit?

  1. You can see a few of my comments on the thread.

    No doubt about it, the MSM based outside the region just phones in these stories often just for effect. If it bleeds it leads. Few want to find out the more complex realities.

    “Get me sme shots of poverty and the economic depression, kid –just pull up google images of Detroit ruins and cut and paste the rest.”

    This relates very closely to the way, all communities were sorted by experts in the 50’s and sixties, labeled “good” or “bad” and often gutted and remodeled accordingly.

    We know for instance that The Lower Hill in Pittsburgh held many poor and overcrowded structures. But just look at a few Teeny Harris photos and you know it held a lot more.

    Someone on here should do a post about Root Shock.

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