UPDATE: Jane’s Walks Happening in Pittsburgh, Cleveland


Exciting news: There will be Jane’s Walks (neighborhood tour/walks in the spirit of urbanist Jane Jacobs) in both Cleveland and Pittsburgh -along with dozens of other cities- on Saturday.

Click here for more information about the walk Saturday, May 1, in Pittsburgh in the Polish Hill neighborhood (pictured above).

Click here for more information about the walk Saturday, May 1, in Cleveland in the Ohio City neighborhood.

It looks like John Morris at Digging Pitt (a frequent RustWire  reader and commenter) helped organize and push for this in these communities, so thanks for your hard work!

Frequent Rust Wire readers will remember there was also a post about the idea on here that got a lot of response and enthusiasm, so I hope these events are well-attended.

I’m planning on going to the one in Pittsburgh. If anyone goes to the one in Cleveland, RustWire would love to hear about it/see your photos!



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2 responses to “UPDATE: Jane’s Walks Happening in Pittsburgh, Cleveland

  1. Well, actually, I really dropped the ball on putting this together but some other people stepped up.

    Hopeful for major event next year. It’s a very, very important thing. Sadly not only must the little people start businesses and work to improve things at the street level, they need to spend 30-40% of their time stuggling to keep ignorant armed “planners”, and political thugs from using eminant domain and billions in government funds from destroying their neighborhoods.

    Look at Braddock which still has the Mon Fayette Expressway hanging over it.

  2. Andrew

    This ought to be a great event. I was on a tour that Terry Doloughty led through the forested hillsides in Polish Hill, where we looked for wild edibles. Doloughty had great childhood stories about the forests. I’m sure his tour of Polish Hill’s urbanism will be just as rich.

    In addition, there’s a May Day parade happening the same day in Polish Hill.

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