Columbus Updates Parking Code for Bikes

The city of Columbus has overhauled legislation on parking at new developments, seeking to limit parking spaces and expand amenities for cyclists, according to The Columbus Dispatch.


Here’s a rundown of the new requirements:

– Every type of building — bowling alleys, churches, shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, etc. — must provide a minimum of two bike-parking spaces.

– Bigger places must provide an extra bike parking spot for every 20 car-parking spaces, up to a maximum of 20 bike spaces.

– Bike racks must be anchored to the ground and support a bicycle upright in two places.

– The rules apply for new developments or when a building’s use changes (if a restaurant becomes a retail store, for example).

Columbus: Midwestern trendsetter?



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6 responses to “Columbus Updates Parking Code for Bikes

  1. erok

    hate to break it to you, but Pittsburgh beat Columbus to the punch, by like 2 months. Way back in March 2010, the city adopted a bike parking ordinance of their own:

    But i guess there’d be debate on whether PGH is midwest or not 😉

  2. schmange

    Should have known. Pittsburgh shouldn’t even be considered the Midwest/Rust Belt anymore. It’s more like a European outpost in the middle of the Appalachians.

  3. Kevin

    Oh yeah? Well, Cleveland passed a bicycle parking ordinance two years ago. Nyaa. 🙂

  4. Now I don’t even know what to think. Black is white. Night is day. Anyway, definitely a trend.

  5. Pittsburgh is neither all East Coast or all Appalachian or all Midwestern–It’s the gateway to the midwest.

    Baltimore & Ohio Railway. Pitt Ohio Trucking.

  6. Keith

    Um, no. Residents were able to request bike racks where needed. The city has since banned that. Nice trend.

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