Cleveland Incentivising Local Food

The city of Cleveland has instituted a policy to promote local foods, offering certified “local sustainable businesses” a 5 percent discount on city contracts.


Green City Blue Lake reports that the incentive will offer a “huge advantage” because most city contracts are decided by less than 5 percent.

The legislation, however, won’t apply to the largest consumer, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

Still, city officials hope the policy will help stimulate a “self-help economy” and promote sustainability.

The idea emerged out of Cleveland’s newly established Office of Sustainability.



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2 responses to “Cleveland Incentivising Local Food

  1. I don’t have a huge problem with the goal of the policy, but I have a few questions about whether it will actually do much to further the goal…

    I just posted re: those questions on my site at the above link, and may follow up with further research.

    Oh, and hello Rustwire, and keep up the good work. Fascinating site.

  2. Special K

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the comments. Good questions, and your web site looks pretty cool too!

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