The (Beautiful, Colorful) People of Detroit

“Not everyone in Detroit sleeps on a steam vent or eats racoons for dinner. Detroit is still a place were life is led. People bicycle. People enjoy a sunny day in public spaces. People love.”

So writes Noah Stevens, creator of, a series of essays and photography highlighting the colorful, beautiful people of the Motor City.

Stevens was inspired to create this website in order balance some of the negative press the city has been subject to lately, be it from Time magazine or Dateline.

“It is simply meant to examine the people who played in serrated crabgrass and never got cut,” he writes. “Too badly, at least.”

For example, meet Mac of Mac’s Hats, an independent hat maker.


This woman’s name is Charli and she owns a bar.


This woman is a journalist.


Totally cool.


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One response to “The (Beautiful, Colorful) People of Detroit

  1. Hey everyone,

    Thanks so much for sharing TPOD with your readership. I’m really glad you guys appreciate the project 🙂


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