Levis Selling Braddock, PA, Jeans Made Overseas

” A long time ago, things got broken here.”

“People got sad and left.”

“Maybe the world gets broken so we can have some work to do.”

“People think there aren’t any frontiers anymore. They can’t see that there are frontiers all around us.”

-Braddock, Pennsylvania

This is the script from a relatively new Levi’s commercial.

I’ve heard there’s been some backlash to this campaign because Levis are manufactured overseas. Still interesting.




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5 responses to “Levis Selling Braddock, PA, Jeans Made Overseas

  1. Sean Posey

    Hmm… This is fairly well thought out, for a commercial. I can also understand why there would be some backlash over this kind of message coming from a company like Levis; however, it’s nice to see Braddock getting some needed attention and there are some salient points made in the video.

  2. Sean Posey

    Here’s a link to the Levi’s documentary on Braddock:

    Part one- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMgRkYjxP5s

  3. Special K

    Excellent commentary on this topic by Chris Potter of the Pittsburgh City Paper:


  4. SFH

    Let’s nudge Levi’s into MAKING JEANS IN BRADDOCK:

    I promise to buy a pair of Levi’s every year for the rest of my life IF Levi’s starts to make jeans in Braddock.


    Pass it on!

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