“Why the Cool Kids Are Moving to Hamilton”

Where, you ask?

Hamilton, Ontario, that is. At least, according to this story in the National Post that says the affordable and beautiful real estate appeals to those who are sick of Toronto prices.

I like to think this blog does a decent job of covering developments in the Rust Belt, from Buffalo to Milwaukee and beyond. But we haven’t spent much time studying our Canadian counterpart. It sounds like Hamilton has some interesting neighborhoods to explore.

And I gotta give credit where credit is due. I was alerted to this by a Richard Florida Tweet.



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2 responses to ““Why the Cool Kids Are Moving to Hamilton”

  1. tonyg

    Yep, we like Hamilton; Spend a number of weeks there some years back; Brought my bike did lots of interesting bike paths between long days in a foundry, trying to get product out the door and into the Erie factory. The only down side is too many Horton’s Donuts outlets! Just have fun here; The donut outlets make a Canadian city!

  2. KG —

    Hamilton’s regionalization (in Canadian, “amalgamation”) is the best model for Rusty US metros. See “Hamilton thrives while Buffalo dives,”


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