The Nation Describes Hellscape in Camden, NJ

This is seriously the most awful thing I have ever read.

In Camden, New Jersey, according to this article in The Nation, the local homeless encampment is the most orderly neighborhood. Unemployed residents smoke a drug called “wet,” marijuana soaked in embalming fluid. The only white people are hookers, many of whom are infected with AIDS, Hepatitis C and other STDs.

Is this the future of all our post-industrial cities in the United States, The Nation asks.

“The poor have to help the poor,” an elderly resident says, “because the ones who make the money are helping the people with money.”

How have we come to this as a country?



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5 responses to “The Nation Describes Hellscape in Camden, NJ

  1. Sean Posey

    The author of this article, Christopher Hedges, has attracted a lot of attention for his opinions on American society. He also talks often of the meaning of post-industrialization in regards to what he sees as the collapse of the American Dream. As far as Camden goes, I’d recommend the book “Camden After the Fall.” It’s one of the more incisive works regarding the post-war fate of urban industrial cities.

  2. Colleen

    I also recommend “Camden After the Fall” by Howard Gillette. Very interesting.

    Unfortunately, the poor do not have the means to improve their own status. It is up to others, with some money and political standing, to care enough to help these people “pick themselves up by the bootstraps.” They cannot do it alone.

    Those in neighboring cities (Cherry HIll, Moorestown and others) need to realize that the problems of Camden are their problems too — rather than pointing fingers at residents of the city and blaming those who live here for not fixing it.

  3. Check out these clips of a film called Poet of Poverty. Its about Camdne and one man’s writings about how a city like Camdne ia llaowed to exisit. Narrated by MArtin Sheen.

  4. remember camden next time you vote for a government that would rather spend your money destroying somebody elses country instead of rebuilding our own. who did you vote for?

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