Winter Wonderland: Cleveland Repurposes Indians’ Stadium

This is a refreshingly cool thing happening in the fair city of Cleveland.

The Cleveland Indians have turned their ballpark into a wintertime playground, with ice slides coming down the bleachers and skating in the outfield.


Snow Days opened this weekend. The cost is $5-20, depending on what you opt for.

This fits nicely with my personal philosophy about winter: get out an enjoy it! Kudos to everyone involved.



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2 responses to “Winter Wonderland: Cleveland Repurposes Indians’ Stadium

  1. Special K

    Good idea!

    I have often driven by sports stadiums and thought about what a waste of space they are when they are not being used.

    NFL teams only play 16 games a year (not counting pre-season or if they go to the playoffs). Yet their huge stadiums and parking areas often occupy prime downtown or waterfront space in lots of cities (Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati).

    Baseball teams use their stadiums more days, but still not year-round.

    I hope some other cities/ teams steal this idea.

  2. Special K

    Another good idea from the Winter Wonderland department:
    this artist in Buffalo will be making a months-long giant snow landscaping project in a Buffalo park:

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