Rust Wire on the Radio

Rust Wire co-founder Angie Schmitt (me!) recently had a chance to appear on a Cleveland radio show to discuss (what else?) sprawl.

The program was about Cleveland’s Regional Prosperity Initiative, an initiative of local foundations that seeks to help the region work better collaboratively to lower taxes and improve the economy.

I thought some of you might be interested. There’s a little lead-in with a psychologist, but the conversation gets going about a third of the way in.

(You have to click on the headline and follow the jump to access the hyperlink)

I sound pretty rational, huh? Thanks for that, Civic Commons.

I was kinda disappointed that the announcers were disappointed that we all agreed that we should take steps to address the municipal balkanization and wasteful development practices that have been killing our region. Although, it would have been fun to argue with someone who wanted to take that position, I suppose. 😉



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6 responses to “Rust Wire on the Radio

  1. Sarah Hartley

    Love the concept of sharing regional costs and benefits to the greater gain of the entire area. Regional Prosperity Initiative is a GREAT idea!!!!

  2. Special K

    Great job, Angie!

  3. Alex Keleman

    When the circumstances are right for an open and honest discussion on the issue of regionalism, tax redistribution and the sprawl I and others will be more than happy to debate you or any representative of the RPI.

    The Civic Forum receives its funding from the same group that funds the RPI, the Fund for our Economic Future, and is beholden to that point of view. It is listed in RPI’s goals:

    “The information generated by the planning initiatives could feed into the broad-based civic engagement process, the Civic Commons, being developed by the Fund for Our Economic Future with funding from the Knight Foundation. This could be one of the vehicles to involve people throughout the region in thinking about land use priorities.”

    There are many thoughtful citizens and civic leaders who have ideas for regional collaboration, economic development and planning. They are being brushed aside in favor of one plan, the RPI plan, which is unfortunate for the region.

  4. Angie, GREAT job. You points are very well articulated, and you have a great radio voice too.

  5. I think the target for the region should be redevelopment not new development, and the target area sghould be the E. 55 corridor.

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