Scenes from the Wisconsin Protests

Madison-based photographer Dana O’Shea snapped these images of the protests in Wisconsin, and is allowing us to publish them with permission.
“In the last two weeks I have gone up to the Capitol three times because I feel like I just have to document this amazing moment in history,” O’Shea said. “What  has started here in Madison is spreading to Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey and other states.”

“The atmosphere at the Capitol is peaceful yet powerful. The union protesters and their supporters are singing and drumming and chanting. It sends chills up my spine to hear thousands, in unison chanting, ‘What does democracy look like…this is what democracy looks like.'”


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2 responses to “Scenes from the Wisconsin Protests

  1. Special K

    These are great. More good photos can also be found on this blog:

  2. JimJamher

    These teabaggers need to get a real life and a career they worked hard for to get the rights and pensions they deserved, then have it taken away from them by some scumbag politician who will vote to raise his pay every year. Tell me which side you are on then. I am a Union carpenter. I went to trade school for 4 years and take nightly classes to perfect my trade. I am well paid, and have a pension that I deserved and literally have my blood, sweat, and tears contributed to it. Because of the economic downturn, I was forced to work non-union for a while. The only people prospering from cheap labor is the owner, No one else! When you’re less paid, you care less, and work slower, and do sloppy work. My wife has a masters in Clinical Psychology, and is working for a government firm that just took their pensions away, and lowered their pay by 25%. What she makes now barely pays her student loans. She had vested pension points, now gone. These government officials want us to end up working until the day we die, just to pay our bills. You take our pension, and our dwindling social security away…well, there are only so many greeter jobs at Walmart available. Some of us will be doing hard labor in our 70’s….mostly you teabaggers. You may be winning the battle, but if this continues on, nobody will have won the war.

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