Duluth Aims for 90,000 Residents

Duluth, Minnesota, is aiming to grow its population and reach 90,000 residents by 2020, according to this article in The Duluth News Tribune.

The city plans to build on its historic strengths such as shipping, and grow other areas like medicine and IT, according to the story.

It currently has about 84,000 residents, per the US Census via Wikipedia.

Do we have any readers in Duluth? What do you think?

Also, a personal observation – I was in Duluth for the first time last summer and was frankly blown away by how beautiful it was. Stunning Lake Superior views and waterfront, lots going on, and some amazing downtown architecture. I wish I could have stayed longer and I’m hoping to return again this summer!



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2 responses to “Duluth Aims for 90,000 Residents

  1. Naturenick

    I’m from about two hours south of Duluth. It’s a great town. It would be great if it could grow more.

  2. RustKid61

    Grew up in Duluth, the western tip of the Rust Belt! Watched virtually all the industry collapse. We had a steel mill for crying out loud! And many other things. Almost all gone. Generations like mine (I’m around 50) were unceremoniously shown the door, to put it mildly. There has been a wan attempt at tourism and there is a lot of medical stuff there, as it is a regional ‘hub’ as it were. Some shipping still, of course. Lost around 20,000 people. The worst years were the early 80’s of course, it was in free-fall. I could go on and on…

    Surprising how few people in the area realize how much industry was there at one time.

    There are some real issues confronting the growth of the city, don’t have time to write about it all right now.


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