TV Show Will be Buffalo “Lovefest”

The Buffalo News reports The Travel Channel will feature Buffalo this summer in an hour-long show that has yet to be named.

The show’s host told the paper:

“It kind of awes me that much of the country, like myself, is in the dark as far as what Buffalo means in the evolution of the United States. Buffalo was such a profound part of this nation. If I can do a television show that has any part in teaching that, that’s terrific.”

The series features places that are off-limits to the general public, such as the city’s old grain elevators.

Buffalo is one of 13 cities being filmed for the first season of the series; other cities include LA, San Francisco, New York and Seattle, according to the paper.

If you are a fan of The Queen City’s beauty, make sure you check out these previous Rust Wire posts that showcase its amazing architecture: here, here and here.

Sounds like it will be an interesting show!



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7 responses to “TV Show Will be Buffalo “Lovefest”

  1. Buffalo calls itself the Queen city too? This is absurd, Cincinnati is the main city with that handle, but Charlotte also calims it. Actually, I am always coming across “Queen Cities”.

  2. Special K

    I have also heard Cincinnati called that as well.

    This web site claims Buffalo was called that as it was “the Queen city of the Great Lakes” with Chicago being the King.

    I’m not sure if that is true.

    Any Buffalo folks know the origin of that nickname?

    Buffalo Rising even has a Queen City t-shirt

  3. Sarah Hartley

    Hope to catch the show!

  4. Cincinnati is the original Queen City. Buffalo and Charlotte need to get a moniker of their own.

  5. The first time Buffalo was called the “Queen City of the Lakes” in print (as far as I know as a local history librarian) was in the 1842 Buffalo city directory:

    So we are not johnny-come-latelys. Cincinnati, by way of contrast, is called the “Queen City of the West.” So the nicknames aren’t even identical.

  6. Special K

    Thanks Betty!

  7. Tommy Mac

    With apologies to anybody’s outrage, having been named for the reigning queen of England at the time of its founding (1768, decades before the founding of Buffalo or Cincinnati), Charlotte’s nickname has the advantage of temporal primacy, with usage dating to the 1770s.

    But as John Morris points out, there simply are lots of “Queen Cities.”

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