Video: Youngstown’s Bridge Movement, Skateboarders Give Back

This is seriously the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

The Bridge is a video about a movement started by DeKorda Jackson and his efforts for the push of getting a public skate-park built in the city of Youngstown, Ohio.

The video was produced by Stuck in Ohio, a Northeast Ohio creative studio.

Skateparks are a great way for cities to demonstrate their youth friendliness and also boost their hip factor. Plus it’s better to get kids off the street where they could get killed by a car. This is what you call a win, win. A no brainer. I hope this effort is successful.

Props to everyone involved. Seriously.



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8 responses to “Video: Youngstown’s Bridge Movement, Skateboarders Give Back

  1. schmange

    Every once in a while, something like this reminds me how many amazing, talented people there are in Ohio. I love it!

  2. Sean Posey

    Youngstown is VERY lucky to have a guy like DeKorda. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what he’s doing in the city.

  3. janko

    Thanks for posting! I have been waiting for the embeddable version since the skateboarding event Saturday night.


  4. Sarah Hartley

    Very cool!!!

  5. I saw this before, I think on I Will Shout Youngstown.

    Youngstown doesn’t have much money so tapping into the wider world and it’s diaspora through the internet is very important.

  6. Great, I want to post this but I would like some contact info/a website blog or place to learn more. Suppose one wanted to give money–how would that be done? Perhaps I am missing something, but it doesn’t seem clear. IMHO, Youngstown is not in a place in which full state or city funding is readily available, so this has to offer the chance to get private contributions.

    Anyone with this information, please post it here.

    I know it seems like a small thing, but the difficulty of finding, who, what where and how to learn about or contact people is a big problem. We see that a lot in Braddock, PA also.

  7. DeKorda Jackson is on Facebook.

  8. Eric Planey

    Thanks for posting – friggin cool! I can really envision a skateboard park b/t downtown Youngstown and Mill Creek Park, and I would love for it to have signs of who we are: an old boxcar with the doors off so you can go through it, some old pipes to ride through – it would be awesome!

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