Angie’s Best of Cleveland

It has been said that I am too negative about Cleveland. And its true that lately the city’s problems have been taking up an inordinate amount of space on this blog and in my brain.

There are some things I love about the city though. It is kind of hard to describe them, but I catch glimpses every now and then.

It came over me not too long ago when I was at Concordia, a German social club in the suburbs that also hosts indoor soccer. It’s a really family friendly kind of place. A fun atmosphere. You just lean back, take it in, and think, man, this is so Cleveland. A German social club that hosts indoor soccer in the middle of a snowstorm, in the middle of the suburbs, is probably the best place to be in Northeast Ohio on a Saturday night, in my humble opinion. And that’s kind of cool. I’ve never been big on fancy restaurants.

Well below are some photos I have been taking over a few months of the city’s highlights, at least from my perspective. I hope you can see what I mean.

For example, sometimes in Cleveland the clouds come right down to the ground. I never saw this when I lived anywhere else. It must be because the city is so close to the lake. The first time I noticed this, I thought the city was on fire.

And so on:


Yep, that's some nuns chillin in Edgewater Park.

Greek Festival, Tremont.

5th row, center Cleveland Orchestra. $10 student tickets. I could see Franz’s hair bobbling all over the place.


Ice skating. Winterhurst, Lakewood, Ohio. $6, including skate rental.


Ping pong tournament. Now That's Class, Cleveland. $5, plus $3 for two PBRs.

Tower City in relief, Edgewater Park, Cleveland.

78th Street Studios, Third Friday event, Detroit Shoreway, Cleve.

Walz Brach Library, Detroit Road, Cleveland

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Cleveland


Debonne Vineyard and Winery, Ashtabula County, Ohio, $5 ice wine tastings.


Allstate Barber College, Ohio City.

I know, I know, I’m such a hipster.

– A.S.

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