Bring the Rust Belt to your Coffee Table

Rust Wire is very proud to announce that its newest sponsor is “Exploring the Rust Belt,” a new book by Chris DellaMea.

For the uninitiated, DellaMea is the brains behind, a fairly exhaustive visual history of Appalachian coal towns. Anyone who is familiar with this site knows DellaMea is one of the leading visual historians of the region.

In his latest project, the native of Pennsylvania’s Mon Valley (now of Beckley, WV) has turned his lens on a subject that is near and dear to all our hearts: the Rust Belt. DellaMea’s book is not ruin porn. He is more interested in scenes of working factories, and the people that populate their worksheds.

Here are some examples of his work:

I am really excited about this one because I am fascinated with the town of Mingo Junction, near Steubenville, Ohio.

The whole book is pretty exhaustive, but brief. Highly recommended reading for any regional culture lover.

Thanks a great deal to Chris, first of all for carrying the torch, but also for helping support the work we do at Rust Wire.

Again, check out Exploring the Rust Belt. Supporting our supporters supports Rust Wire, ok?


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