Cleveland’s First-Ever Bike Move (As Far As We Know)!!

History was made yesterday in the city on the crooked river.

Ten cyclists moved one Frank Lanza approximately 1.4 miles into a new apartment in Lakewood, completely by bicycle!!

Ok, before we go any further, for the sake of honesty and professional ethics, we must admit, there was a truck involved for moving a bed, couch and giant antique radio. But other than that, Cleveland’s burgeoning bike scene crossed a new milestone, following behind great bike cities like Portland and Davis, California in completing the time honored tradition of the bike move.

Now, the secret to a successful bike move, if our experience is any indication, is plentiful cargo trailers. This was an obstacle for us, because as much as excitement is building around biking in Clevelandtown, there still aren’t a whole lot of carfree Clevelanders, and those are the types to have the fully-loaded drool-worthy cargo trailers.

Nevertheless, we pressed on and discovered that with enough bungee cords, almost anything is possible.








We also discovered that loading the bikes is the most time consuming part of the delicate art of bike moving.

Soon we were off and running. And thanks to our brilliant packing efforts, we had no spills.

The biking part is the fun part. We actually didn’t get too many weird looks or inquiries from motorists, which was disappointing, sort of. But next time, when we rig up some awesome makeshift trailers and start hauling couches and appliances, it was decided, it will be different.

We made it! Frank was very pleased, especially since an injured knee kept him from participating.

See, everyone loves bike moves!

If you are going to try your own bike move (and you should!), I have some important advice to impart: buy your movers pizza and beer. This is a requirement.







Because we had so many helpers, and because I didn’t have a cargo trailer, bike moving wasn’t as physically challenging as I expected. And Frank even moved into a fourth-story apartment with no elevator! But I was actually surprised by how tired I was afterwords.

I was also surprised by how fun it was. Getting friends together for a physical task makes you feel close. It made one of life’s biggest chores, IMO (moving) into kind of a party. Now we all have this good memory, and Frank got moved cheap and with a low impact on this city that we love.


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