Clevelanders in Hotpants, It’s a Beautiful Sight

Whoa. Cleveland is getting pretty hip. Check out this video from Dan Krivenki of Crank Set Rides:

Hot Pants Bike Ride – Cleveland – 8-20-2011

I’ve been wanting to write about Crank Set for a while. This organization, led by Dan and his girlfriend Lindsey Bower, has been hosting themed bike rides in Cleveland for more than a year now.

Earlier this summer, they hosted a “nerd ride.” Let me tell you, it was a fun experience seeing drivers try to make sense of 100 something adults dressed as nerds riding around on bicycles in the middle of a Saturday.

Around Halloween, they host a “zombie ride.” Lindsey also organized a women’s-only ride, appropriately held once a month, called Two Wheels and Heels.

Crank Set — Lindsey and Dan — are doing a great public service for Cleveland. They have created a series of fun events that are green, healthy and super fun. They are helping make bicycling cool. They are helping make bicycling visible. Soon Crank Set will be a nonprofit. Lindsey is even reducing her work load to 30 hours at her job so she can devote more time to it.

These two make me proud to live in Cleveland! I think this is something that would be fun and would work in many of our cities.


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