In Focus: The (Often Invisible) People of Youngstown

Rust Wire contributor Sean Posey always has something interesting and smart to add to the discussion. His concern for oppressed groups, especially, is a really under-appreciated and valuable perspective from which to view our region. And he is getting noticed for it.

Beginning October 16 and running through Dec. 18 Sean’s photography will be displayed at Youngstown’s Butler Museum of Art, easily one of the coolest and most respected museums in our region. He has written a little bit about the project for us below:

Youngstown, Ohio is often presented in photography as a desolate place filled with decaying buildings—a post-apocalyptic landscape presumably bereft of humans.

My current work on the city focuses on a different aspect of Youngstown: the underrepresented people and communities in the area. Activists, cultural groups, the youth of Youngstown, and the faces of neighborhood residents represent a Youngstown that many outside of the city will never see.


Hopefully, these images leave the viewer with a sense of a Youngstown beyond the headlines of crime and economic collapse. For Youngstown is not yet a city abandoned; instead, it is a place of engagement, joy, and meaning for many.

These photographs are dedicated especially to the youth people of Youngstown and those still struggling to

transform the city.

“The People of Youngstown” will run from October 16th to December 18th at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio.

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