The Rust Belt is Occupied

If you live in the Rust Belt, it’s safe to say, you’re part of the 99 percent. There isn’t a more quintessentially middle-class place, at least historically.

Why, it's your very own Rust Wire editor protesting in Cleveland! Photo: Frank Lanza Photography

As the middle-class has declined, so to has its workhouse, its industrial cities. And as America’s industrial cities have declined, so has the rest of the country. Michigan and Ohio residents used to vacation in Florida and the Carolinas. Now those states economies are suffering convulsions of their own.

Rust Belt cities made the steel that built New York City. And our residents bailed out their banks, even as they were being forced out of their own homes by those banks.

In America, our fates are tied. Middle-class, low-income and rich. We have responsibilities to one another. Detroit has a responsibility to New York, but in turn New York has a responsibility to Detroit.

That has broken down in this country and too many people, and too many cities, are failing and isolated.

That’s why I have supported Occupy Wall Street. And I think that’s why so many in the rust belt are drawn to this movement. Something is fundamentally broken in this country, it’s hard to look around Detroit or Cleveland and argue differently.

So here’s a round-up of Occupy Wall Street events in the region. If I’ve overlooked any, please feel free to add

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them in the comments section. 🙂




St. Louis:




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