Church Steeples and Chain Link: Cleveland as Seen through Movies

Below are some clips of vintage Cleveland scenes. These images capture the city’s essence well.

In a few words …

Shirt off with a belly and a cat and a need for comfort. Walking through the caged arcs of the highway overpass. Slice of blue above the chain link. Memories of people that make home home.  And the realism of Harvey that is a reality rooted from hope.

At a wedding in the backdrop of architecture, a crisp sky, and trees that look like wires. Hymns out of eyeshot near a man pulling on a tug in a brown paper sleeve. The colors of church: red, red rug and yellow candles. Solemnness–still– in the pinnacle of celebration. Tradition as dense as a tire. Cleveland, perfectly.

At the torn down Captain Franks. E. 9th St pier. Downtown. Wind whirling and snow blowing to insert the calm, edginess of a severe Rust Belt winter day. The abyss of white separated from the lookers by the ubiquity of black steel. Lake Erie: beautiful yet indistinguishable from the dropping feeling in dream. Looking around to see if there is a way out if only because you haven’t recognized the fact you are where you need to be.

–Richey Piiparinen

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