Troy, Michigan Mayor Janice Daniels: Worst Person in the Rust Belt?

We’ve taken shots at Troy, Michigan on this blog before. The most popular post we’ve ever run was about how the depressing sprawl in Detroit suburbs like this one is repelling talented individuals, and killing the region.

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels, embarrassing Michigan, hurting business.

Well these things are cultural. Remember our friend Andrew Basile said metro Detroit’s leaders “must live in a different cultural universe” than the in-demand, young talented people that are flocking to San Francisco?

I don’t think Troy

Mayor Janice Daniels has gotten the message. You will remember Daniels was the one who embarrassed herself in June by posting on Facebook this message: “I think I am going to throw away my I Love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there.” Lovely.

What a swell person, you’re probably thinking. And wouldn’t you know it, Daniel’s Tea Party supporters were quick to defend her statement on the grounds of religious freedom. (Remember that thing Jesus said about using bigoted slurs? Me neither.)

Daniels, and Troy more generally, are continuing their culture war against a healthy Michigan. In her latest repulsive move, she is considering returning a $8.5 million federal grant to build a transit center in the suburb.

I have written before, in no uncertain terms, that Detroit’s awful, awful public transit system is a result in no small part of historical and continuing racial animosity, but this is really a fantastic example.

This is what Daniels said of the station upgrades, part of an Amtrak network that would link Troy to Detroit and Chicago:

“It’s a terrible waste of money, and I don’t care if it’s coming from Washington, D.C. — that’s still taxpayers’ money,” Daniels said last month.

Meanwhile, local business leaders are rallying to salvage the project, including Troy’s Chamber of Commerce, according to the Detroit News.

So, until someone corrects us: Janice Daniels — worst person in the Rust Belt. When businesses and smart people disparage Detroit it is small-minded people like this they have in mind.


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