Mafia Show Set in Youngstown Raises Unwelcome Ghosts

This pilot, produced by a Northeast Ohio filmmaker, is making the rounds on the interwebs, trying to attract funding for a series. The story would revolve around organized crime in Youngstown, Ohio — a town that was once so notorious for mafia activity it won the nickname Bomb Town USA.

The idea isn’t sitting so well with some folks involved with refocusing the city on tech development and downtown living. Youngstown celebrity Phil Kidd had this to say on Facebook: “Is this what we want?”

Meanwhile, local photographer Sean Posey comes at it from a different angle: “When we are unable to confront the past and all its pain, we fail to move beyond it, or to understand it. We forget the Mafia regarded itself as a government within a government–an Italian answer to the power of the white pezzonovante in America. The story of why Youngstown seems to never be able to break its history of corruption is one tied to the rise of the Mafia in a struggle against the larger corrupt power of industrial capitalism and Anglo Saxon supremacy.”


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