Ohio Lawmakers Don't Even Try to Hide Corruption

This whole thing was lifted from the Facebook page of Cleveland comedian Mike Polk. I love his forays into politics.

So Governor Kasich just signed a bill today that allows bottlers and other companies to draw huge amounts of water out of Lake Erie daily, despite complaints from environmentalists and former GOP Governors Taft and Voinovich.

Now, I honestly don’t know how harmful this bill will actually be to the environment, the results could be negligible. Or they could be extreme. But that’s irrelevant to my point.

What really irks me is that this bill was proposed by a dude with a blatant financial interest in the passage of the law.

From the PD:

“The bill’s main sponsor, Rep. Lynn Wachtmann, a Napoleon Republican, has drawn controversy for sitting on the board of directors for the International Bottled Water Association and owning a bottled-water company that uses water from Lake Erie tributaries.”

How insultingly egregious is this? Can’t today’s politicians even maintain a thin veneer of propriety? At this point, I don’t even expect them to be ethical. But I would at least appreciate it if they would attempt to present the illusion that they are not selfish, monstrous scumbags.

At least extend me the courtesy of fucking lying to me.

But apparently they can’t even muster up that kind of effort any more. And it’s because of this very sort of defeatism that I am feeling right now. So many people have just accepted that “this is the way things are”. And the sad thing is, they’re right.

No one will do anything about this. A passionate, vocal, and extremely small group of people will yell their heads off about it, which will result in nothing because the politicians already did the math and accounted for those people and realized that there aren’t enough of them in this case who are paying attention to this issue that it will make a difference, which is why they decided to push ahead with the bill.

They do their homework.

And I’m no help. I’m not pretending to be. I’m not marching on the statehouse or doing anything worthwhile. This is the only action I’ll take on the subject: Getting a six pack in me and then pitching a rambling bitch about it on Facebook at 1am. A post that most people stopped reading 4 paragraphs ago, and I don’t blame you.

The majority of the people reading this will move on quickly once they see that this isn’t something wacky about the Browns.

About six people who are already like-minded about this (but equally powerless to change anything) will agree with me, so I’ll have effectively preached to that choir.

And 5 angry Republicans will miss the point completely, assume that I’m attacking them and take this opportunity to remind me that Obama is a socialist Muslim who is “going down in November”.

And then this post will quickly disappear from our memories.

And the great dance will continue.

Ah well. At least that new Batman movie comes out soon.

Night all.

Looks like someone else gets into angry rant-writing after reading the Plain Dealer.


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