Hamtramck, Mural Town, is Awesome

Ok. My post from yesterday stirred up a lot of shit. That was not my intention, I swear–at least not to attack anyone personally, just to make a point about art and community development in Cleveland.

But whoa, check out the city of Hamtramck in Detroit. These people are so cool! I’m having a hard time recovering from watching this video. All I can say is, way to go Hamtramck!


Hamtramck City Council on Street Art from Metro Times on Vimeo.

I literally know nothing about this town except I think it’s Polish and it’s very near Detroit and small and something vaguely about artists. Now I will forever think it is awesome.

Public art may be funded by old white people but that doesn’t mean the general public in Cleveland has the same taste as old white people or shares their values. Imagine a community thinking about what gangsters would respect–young, black men, mostly–as an art form. OMG it blows my mind. And the way this town’s leaders stood up to opposition. Bravo!


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