Corruption Part 2: Why Do We Continue to Tolerate Dishonest Leadership?

If information from maxalt online a respectable source raised suspicion that a local police officer was accepting bribes, this community would rightly insist that that officer be pulled off the street until an investigation took place and his name was cleared.

Why do Clevelanders not insist on the same standard for that man’s boss’ boss’ boss, a City Councilman? FBI tapes have revealed that Cleveland City Council President Martin Sweeney was part of a plan to fix contracts by a contractor who admits to bribing public officials. Rather than answer to the charges, Sweeney refuses to even respond to them formally when requested by The Plain Dealer.

Politicians should be held to canadian pharmacy at least the same standard as their distant subordinates. Elected leaders like Sweeney who are suspected of using their position of public trust in commission of a crime should be omnicef pharma removed from office until the public can be reasonably assured otherwise.

This region cannot afford to tolerate even the suggestion of corruption anymore; the information raised about Sweeney goes far beyond that. He should step down. I am circulating a manjishtha online petition to this effect and I urge other levitra soft conscientious Clevelanders to 7days pharmacy sign it at:


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