Video: East Cleveland Middle School Students Respond to a Police Shooting

Late last year, at the culmination of a long high-speed chase, 13 Cleveland police fired 137 rounds into a car in East Cleveland killing two unarmed people.

State and local authorities are currently investigating the case: why the chase — which violates official department policies — occurred; why police thought the fleeing couple was armed.


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case has raised charges of brutality and discrimination within the police

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department. None of the 13 shooters was black, but the victims were.

Anyway, one of the more upsetting elements of this case is that the shooting took place basically on the grounds of a school in East Cleveland, although not during school hours. Some local filmmakers interviewed students at that school, Heritage Middle School, about their thoughts on the case, below.

Pretty tough environment these kids are living in. It’s interesting to hear their opinions.




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