10 Years of 'Stuck In Ohio'

Northeast Ohio production company ‘Stuck In Ohio‘ is celebrating 10 years in the buckeye state. And they are doing so with a pretty awesome compilation anniversary video which is Banff Film Festival-esque.

Never heard of these guys?

Here’s how they describe themselves:

“We are heavily influenced by the music and action sports culture, however, we are not solely limited to these categories…Even though our surroundings are not ideal for the cultures we are involved in, we take pride in where we are from. Whether you’re here by circumstance and wishing you were somewhere else, or you have gone out and looked for greener pastures and found that life here is not all that bad. No matter what side of the coin you are on, our goal is to capture and promote the passion that individuals here have for their craft, and for this state.”

My first encounter with some of those involved with S.I.O. came in 2009 when work began on a rise-from-the-ashes type documentary on Youngstown called Steel Valley: Meltdown.

The trailer alone was something that then-Mayor-now-Obama-cabinet-member Jay Williams would show to communities across the nation when talking about the city.

These Rust Belters are talented. Certainly not bad for a few guys Stuck In Ohio.

Phil Kidd

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