Artists, Call for Entries: Make Larry Dolan into Grinning Idiot Mascot

This is Larry Dolan. Dolan owns the Cleveland Indians. He’s the guy who makes money from selling t-shirts with grotesque, offensive characterizations of native Americans on them, at least he’s the main one.

I hate the Cleveland Indian’s logo. I have some close friends in Cleveland that are native American and they hate it also. It’s embarrassing for the region. It’s embarrassing for humanity. I could forgive Cleveland for this logo if it was 1929, but it’s 2013 for Christ’s sake — mocking victims of genocide just isn’t cool anymore. Somehow though, Cleveland’s mascot exists in this vacuum where racial sensitivities haven’t evolved since Gone with the Wind premiered.

Anyway, I have an idea. I need your help. I want to commission an artist to do a grotesque, mocking caricature of Larry Dolan that I can print on some t-shirts and sell to other people that are offended by his profiteering from humiliating and stereotyping an oppressed minority group. Now, I realize it won’t ever be as hurtful, since people like Dolan, a lawyer who attended St. Ignatius prep school, haven’t had to endure 100s of years of human rights abuses. But what can we do?

Anyway if you are an artist or know an artist who is up to the task, we’re looking for a cartoon image of Dolan in the style of Chief Wahoo, the more insulting the better. I can pay $100, which isn’t much. But also, if any sympathetic readers want to donate to this campaign, using the Paypal link on the right hand side of the website, I’ll add that to the pot and give it to the designer.

Cleveland should have dropped Chief Wahoo decades ago. I really think that the dreadful track record of this city’s sports team might have something to do with the bad karma this tasteless mascot earns us. I haven’t been to any of the opening day protests, but if you ask me they should move them to the lawn of Progressive Insurance — who owns the naming rights to the Indians stadium — on the day of the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting. It’s unbelievable to me that respectable businesses and businessmen would attach their names to something so insensitive. Or that the region would for that matter, especially as it tries to attract immigrants and repair its national image.

Anyway, email us at rustbeltnews [at] gmail [dot] com to submit entries or ask questions.

UPDATE: We already got this pretty slick drawing from New York City artist Collen DeBose. Check it out:



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