Help Us Choose a Larry Dolan Mascot

Rust Wire put out a call for entries last week, calling for treating Cleveland Indians owner Larry Dolan with the same respect he treats native Americans — namely developing a mocking and offense caricature of the old money lawyer.

We are really excited to have received four excellent submissions from four people around North America. I said I would give $100 to the winner, and print out the image on some t-shirts to sell, give Dolan a taste of his own medicine.

Just as a refresher, here’s what we’re working with


Ok. Without further ado: the submissions. You can vote at the bottom.

This was submitted by A. Stematz:

This one comes to us from Tom G:

This one is from Victoria Hinchcliffe:
And finally, NYC artist Collen DeBose:
I am interested to hear your feedback because I was planning to print one of these out and try selling it.

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