Discussing Cleveland's "Opportunity Corridor"

Cleveland is planning to spend $350 million on a three-mile road that will cut through some of its poorest neighborhoods and establish a neat path from I490 to the Cleveland Clinic. Hello, 1966!

I had a chance to sit down to discuss this project with some of the smartest people in Cleveland recently, including writer and entrepreneur Mansfield Frazier, Sierra Club organizer Akshai Singh and NAACP executive director Sheila Wright. I think it was a pretty interesting discussion (aired Sunday on WTAM).

Anyway, wanted to share these recordings because I think it raised some important questions.

Here’s the first part: http://media.ccomrcdn.com/media/station_content/1263/5-19-13_The_Forum_HR_1_1369005496_3497.mp3

Here’s the second part: http://media.ccomrcdn.com/media/station_content/1263/5-19-13_The_Forum_HR_2_1369008998_18383.mp3

And here’s the third. We’re only on part of this. http://media.ccomrcdn.com/media/station_content/1263/5-19-13_The_Forum_HR_3_1369012281_29867.mp3


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