Cleveland's "Opportunity Corridor" Fiasco in Memes

Cleveland is preparing to build a $350 million highway through some of its poorest neighborhoods. anti diabetic pills This pet project of some of the region’s elites has been cynically named “the Opportunity Corridor.” Local writer Mansfield Frazier helpfully explains the “opportunity” part: it gives “white folks an opportunity to drive to the Cleveland Clinic without seeing any black folks.”

This project stinks. At more than $100 million per mile, it’s an extravagant highway project in pharmacy symbol a state that’s out of money. It’s going to result in the destruction of 90 homes and more than a dozen businesses (the vast majority owned by minorities). It’s pretty much right out of the 1960s valtrex “urban renewal” playbook — nevermind that highways have drained wealth out of Cleveland neighborhoods for decades.

This guduchi online project was born — as all admirable projects are — imitrex online by a group of businessmen from the Greater Cleveland Partnership, including Plain Dealer publisher Terry Eggars (whose skillful handling of the biaxin Plain Dealers buy mestinon online finances should leave us all reassured.)

This whole thing is so infuriating, sildenafil citrate side effects so unjust, so Cleveland, I had to give it the meme treatment.

You should make your own Opportunity Corridor meme. Here’s a blank photo of Terry Eggars. Here’s a link to Meme Maker.

Also tell NOACA to leave the Opportunity Corridor off the TRAC list.


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