Introducing: The Rust Belt Store

Hey, everyone. Thanks for reading. I really mean that.

I have been publishing this blog for about four years now, not sure exactly. It’s been very fun and rewarding for me personally, but not necessarily financially. I’m trying to experiment a little bit with a business model that could help the site be more professional and sustainable, so I hope you don’t mind if we take a detour from our regularly scheduled programing to explain a new feature we’re rolling out.

We’re calling it the Rust Belt Store and we’re going to have a few urban-related items for sale. All the purchases made at this site will help support Rust Wire. If you’re a fan, we encourage you to scope it out.

We’re very excited to be retailing the great new book Rust Belt Rising Almanac, which is published out of Philly, with stories from around our region. It’s the first item we will be selling.

Here’s a little more about the book from its publisher:

The Rust Belt Rising Almanac puts its own spin on the planting guides, astrological anomalies and maps of more traditional almanacs, while drawing inspiration from cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit. The Almanac seeks to tell stories of growth, change and struggle in the region – to create its own version of a cultural barometer for America’s industrial cities. This anthology points to what remains and what’s next for the Rust Belt.

The Almanac features many pieces by Philadelphia authors and contributors, including work by novelist  Liz Moore, photographer Jeffrey Stockbridge, and cofounder and editor of, Christopher Wink. The Almanac also features work by illustrator Julia Kuo and author Justin Glanville, creators of New to Cleveland, as well as poetry from acclaimed poet Sean Dougherty.

As you can see, good stuff.

In the future we may be open to retailer-wholesaler type relationships with suppliers who sell these kind of rust belt novelty items. We’re starting small and we’ll see how it goes.

Like I said, I appreciate your support through these years and thanks for taking a moment here with us to explain this new feature. Again, here’s a link.


Angie Schmitt

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