No Vacancy: Art Occupies Empty Spaces in Columbus' Franklinton

On a recent sunny September afternoon, OSU Associate Professor Carmel Buckley and her undergrad Advanced Sculpture students found themselves standing on the cement stoop of a run-down 1930’s brick apartment row in inner-city Columbus. The doors and windows were boarded up. Broken glass and scrap wood lay scattered at their feet. Venturing a look inside a couple of the units required a battery-powered screwdriver and buy kamagra brand a flashlight.

They were there to see their strattera future art exhibition space.

Buckley had already been looking for a way to get her students to break out of the typical “white box” gallery-space mindset when this opportunity, as she put it, “just dropped into our laps” courtesy of the Franklinton Arts District.

The rowhouse apartments at West Town and Hawkes Avenue in Franklinton have been slated for a complete interior demolition and an eventual rehab by the nonprofit Franklinton Development Association. But before buy lanoxin that happens, the gutted interiors will serve as make-shift gallery space for Franklinton’s Go West! art and community festival, taking place on October 12th.

Presented by the Franklinton Arts District since 2008, the Go West! festival is meant to draw attention to the neighborhood as a vibrant inner city propecia here area seeing renewal and as a burgeoning artistic community. Rather than view the current 25% vacancy rate in Franklinton cialis super active as a minus, FAD has taken advantage of vacant storefronts and homes and turned them into temporary art spaces.

FAD board member Mona Gazala reached out to a number of OSU faculty members about this unusual opportunity. And not only did Buckley respond with enthusiasm; so did her entire class as a body.

The 16 students have sent in various proposals for their future work projects, varying from experimental free-standing sculpture, to collaborative whole-room installations, to site-specific work that directly responds to the vacant home environment.

“From what I hear, these apartments are going to be the showpiece of the festival,” said Gazala, an arts advocate who only recently moved to Columbus. “Other curators will be filling the adjacent spaces with work by local artists and a children’s gallery as well; but I was looking specifically for a group that would do more than just hang traditional art on the wall. I wanted artists that would see the space as a laboratory and a creative challenge. I’m excited to see what these students can do with it.”

WHAT: No Vacancy: OSU Sculpture and Installation Exhibition

WHERE: Go West! Festival, corner of West Town St. and Hawkes Avenue, Franklinton

WHEN: Saturday, October 12, 11am – 7pm

For more information: Franklinton Arts District

By Mona Gazala

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