Al Jazeera Looks at Cleveland's Infant Mortality Crisis

#1. This is such an important story. I just want to say a couple things. First of all, Christ, what these women and families are going through.

#2. How great is that woman in Hough?

#3. I also thought the city of Cleveland’s response was frustrating and typical: defensiveness. They should have just said, we know we have a big problem, it is a systemic problem that we have limited ability to control. I sorta get why Cleveland is defensive. When something like this comes to light, they’re immediately sort of blamed, when really, deindustrialization, suburbanization, lousy state politics and a lot of larger forces that are outside of their control deserve a lot of the blame. But still, very disappointing response. Come on, city of Cleveland! You look totally ridiculous in this film.

#4. Also, it looks like the officials in the statehouse now may actually pull it together and expand Medicaid in Ohio. That would be such a godsend for Cleveland families. I’m not a religious person, but if I prayed, I would be praying for Ohio’s leaders to come to their senses and pass that legislation. To not do so, would be an outright abdication of their duty to the people of Ohio.

#5. Kris Jordan of Powell wants premature babies to “earn it” and “avoid handouts.” What a heartless bonehead.

#6. ❤ Charleta Tavares.

-Angie Schmitt

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