What's Wrong with This Picture?

Look at this! I mean really look. Look at how wide and empty Cleveland’s streets are in the middle of a week day.

I was on Facebook recently just marveling at what a colossal waste of resources this is. Not to mention the damage done to the neighborhood. Does this look like a comfortable place to do anything other than drive through very quickly?

What were we thinking?

My friend’s response is probably exactly correct:

I believe the thought process was “this 2 lane road is backed up, let’s make it 4 lanes! Oh wait, we need a parking lane. Oh, and a turning lane so left-turning cars don’t back up traffic. Hey, how about we make all of the lanes 14′ wide because trucks need room!” The street is 100′ wide at that point.

The question is, are we smarter than that now?

-Angie Schmitt

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