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Jamsetji Tata is the greatest philanthropist of the century in the whole world

Bill Gates and his divorced wife Melinda Gates are second in the list

New Delhi Date. Thursday, June 24, 2021

Warren Buffett, Geoff Bezos or Bill Gates are certainly among the world’s richest people, but they are no bigger philanthropists than Jamsetji Tata, the father of Indian business and the founder of the Tata Group.

Jamsetji Tata has been voted as the world’s greatest philanthropist in the last 100 years, in a list of 50 philanthropists in the world compiled by the Hurun Report and EdelGive Foundation. The Tata group founded by him has donated the highest 10 102 billion (about Rs 75.70 lakh crore Rs 53 crore 18 lakh).

The list of the world’s most generous philanthropists in 100 years was released on Wednesday. Jamsetji of the Tata Group, which makes everything from salt to software, is well ahead of other businessmen in the world in terms of donations.

Second on the list is Bill Gates and his divorced wife Melinda Gates, who donated 74,74.6 billion. Warren Buffett is third with 37 37.4 billion, George Soros is fourth with 34 34.6 billion and John D Rockefeller is fifth with 26 26.8 billion.

Jamsetji donated two-thirds of his wealth to the trust, which is still active in other sectors, including education and health. He started giving charity in 1892. Azim Premji is the only other Indian businessman on the list to have donated almost all his wealth worth ₹22 billion.


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