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New step of Napak China: Sikkim Front deployed troops of Tibetan youth against India

Gangtok/New Delhi, 22 June 2021, Tuesday

China is creating new difficulties on the border for India battling Corona. Recently there were reports that China is expediting the construction of roads and airports on the Arunachal front.

Now China has deployed its troops on the Sikkim front. These soldiers have been deployed in the strategically important Chumbi Valley between Sikkim and Bhutan. The team consists of Tibetan youth. Those who have been trained by China.

The jawan is being identified as Mimang Chetan. Two batches consist of 100-100 youths. After completing the training of 100 youths, they have been posted at various places in Chumbi Valley. The second batch is currently training.

The Chinese military wants to take advantage of the Tibetan people’s ability to adapt to their local climate, knowledge of the language and their knowledge of the region. China also wants to take advantage of the knowledge of the local people by deploying Tibetan youth near the border.

India has been recruiting Tibetan youth to form the Special Border Force for years. In which it is being said that 10,000 Tibetans will go. This force does not work under the Indian Army but in the hands of India’s intelligence agency Rona. His operations are so secretive that even the army is unaware of most of his activities.


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