North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un loses his temper, 10 people sentenced to death for using mobile phones

New Delhi, June 24, 2021, Thursday

North Korea is currently in a state of famine but no one can speak against dictator Kim Jong Un.

No one can say when the world’s most cynical ruler Kim Jong Un will lose his cool. Now there are reports that Kim Jong Un has sentenced 10 civilians to death for using mobile phones. These citizens tried to connect with the outside world through China’s mobile network.

The use of Chinese mobile networks is also banned in North Korea and ten of these citizens have been executed for violating the ban. North Korea’s ruling party is believed to have arrested 150 people. He has been under the surveillance of North Korea’s secret police since March. According to a Japanese newspaper, since then raids have been conducted across the country.

North Korea is currently in a state of famine and the prices of daily necessities are skyrocketing. However, the people of North Korea cannot ask for outside help. Smugglers are being arrested from across the border in Reangang province of North Korea, bordering China.

Relatives of many North Koreans live in South Korea. The North Koreans in their contacts rely on smuggled phones and SIM cards. Through this, they ask for help from outside the country. Even mobile phones were banned in North Korea before 2008. The restrictions have been eased but there are still many restrictions on the network.

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