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Rape increased due to women wearing shorts: Imran

Islamabad, Ta. 21
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has given another controversial statement regarding women. Imran Khan has courted controversy by blaming women’s shorts for rising rape cases in Pakistan.
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan made controversial remarks in a television interview. Imran Khan was asked about the rise in incidents of rape and sexual assault in Pakistan. In his reply, Imran Khan said that women’s shorts are responsible for the increasing rape and sexual harassment in Pakistan.
Giving a shameless statement, the Pak PM said, ‘If women wear shorts, then it will definitely affect the mind of men. It is natural for men to flare up with women’s clothing. Men aren’t robots who don’t care about small clothes.
After this statement, Imran Khan was criticized on social media across the world. People tweeted and demanded that Imran Khan apologize. Reema Umar, legal advisor to the International Commission for Jurists in South Asia, tweeted that Imran Khan had a very narrow mindset. Only the victims crop up to blame. The PM’s approach is shocking, shameful and depressing.
The Prime Minister’s Office of Pakistan had to come to the rescue after Imran Khan was heavily trolled on social media. A Pakistan PM’s spokesperson said Imran Khan’s statement was projected differently, adding that it meant something else.
Even earlier crops. The PM courted controversy by advising women to wear a veil to avoid sexual harassment.


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