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Minister Hancock apologizes for kissing ‘sweetheart’ for violating CORO rules

London, Ta. 25

Britain’s Health Minister Matt Hancock on Friday stepped down as minister after an extramarital affair. However, his ministry survived after a newspaper published a photo of him kissing a fellow woman in his department, after Health Minister Matt Hancock apologized for violating the coronavirus’s social distancing rule.

Opposition Labor and the Liberal Democrats have called for Health Minister Matt Hancock to be removed from the ministry last month after evidence of his marital status was released. Hancock kissed his ‘darling’ at the health ministry’s office in violation of the lockdown guidelines for home-to-home contact, which was implemented following the spread of the delta variant in the country.

The British newspaper ‘The Sun’ revealed Hancock’s relationship with Hancock and Health Department adviser Gina Coldanzello. Hancock, a cabinet minister and father of three, was caught on CCTV footage kissing Koladengelo, a mother of three, on May 6, at the Health Department’s office. After the photo was published in the newspaper, Hancock said, ‘In the current situation, I believe that Corona has violated the rules of social distance and I apologize for this. Accepting his apology, Prime Minister Boris Jones rejected the opposition’s demand to remove him from the ministry.


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