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US forces will withdraw or Taliban will capture Kabul in six months

Washington, Ta. 25
Within six months of the withdrawal of US forces, Kabul would be devastated and occupied by Taliban militants. The US intelligence agency had expressed such apprehension. Officials warned that the Taliban would become more unpopular.
Within months of the withdrawal of US forces, Taliban militants would flee to Afghanistan. US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officials have warned that US troops will return to Afghanistan in September if Taliban militants are to take control of the country within six months. Officials also claimed that Taliban militants hatched a plot to capture one area after another.
US officials have expressed concern that in the absence of US commanders, Taliban militants will become furious and carry out horrific terrorist attacks in the Afghan capital, Kabul. The law and order situation would collapse and Taliban terrorists would crush Kabul to bring the Afghan government to its knees.
Given the increasing presence of Taliban militants in Afghanistan, it will be difficult for the government to sustain itself. Assessing the local situation, it has also been reported that the Afghan government will be able to fight Taliban militants for a maximum period of two years. The government is unlikely to survive beyond this.
Ever since the US military began preparations for its return home, concerns about Afghanistan have increased around the world. It is feared that Taliban terrorists will shed the blood of millions of innocent civilians in Afghanistan. The US intelligence report comes amid reports that Taliban militants have captured Kunduz in the north.
Meanwhile, US military officials made an important announcement that 30 US troops would be deployed to protect the Kabul airport and the US ambassador to Afghanistan. Although all troops will be withdrawn, 40 will remain in Afghanistan.
The US has started the process of withdrawing about 4,000 troops from Afghanistan. US President Joe Biden plans to withdraw troops by September from Afghanistan, which has been stationed in Afghanistan for the past 40 years.


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