Delta version, which has spread to 85 countries, is attracting non-vaccinators

Israel again makes wearing masks mandatory in indoor environments

More than 1.19 lakh new cases of corona were reported worldwide, taking the total to 181,288,418 and the death toll to 3,927,501.

Washington: The pace of the corona epidemic vaccination campaign across the world does not seem to be stopping. With the arrival of 1,19,890 new cases of corona in the world, the total number of cases increased to 181,288,418 today, while the death toll from corona increased to 3,927,501 after the death of 2,469 people today.

The United States is at the first place with 34,482,711 cases and India is at the second position with 30,192,046 cases. Similarly, the United States ranks first with 619,152 deaths, followed by Brazil with 511,272 deaths. India ranks third with 394,699 deaths.

Meanwhile, the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Aidan Ghebreyesus, warned that the delta variant is of grave concern worldwide and we are concerned.

Of the variants identified so far, the delta variant has been found to be the most contagious and is currently circulating in 85 countries. It is spreading rapidly in populations that have not been vaccinated. “The coronavirus is evolving and if we want to prevent more forms, we have to stop it,” he said.

Dr. Maria van Kerkhove, Corona’s technical head at the World Health Organization, said that this delta version is more contagious and more dangerous than the alpha version roaring across Europe.

He noted the religious and sporting collective activities taking place in European countries and said that all of them will have to face the consequences. Some countries have higher percentages of vaccines but no country has succeeded in vaccinating the entire population.

Most people have not received a second dose of the corona vaccine. On the other hand, the authorities have again made it mandatory to wear masks in homes after the increase in the number of corona cases in Israel. People have now been asked to wear masks at public events inside and outside homes.

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