India-Pakistan relations will improve if Modi government is not there: Imran Khan

New Delhi, the 26th June, 2021

Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan has always been hesitant about his relationship with the Modi government, his statements contradictory.

Now in a recent interview to the American media, Imran Khan has strangely said that the relations between India and Pakistan will improve after the departure of the Modi government. Imran Khan accused PM Modi of implementing the ideology of the RSS.

When a journalist asked Imran Khan if the absence of the Modi government would improve relations between India and Pakistan, the Pak PM replied, “I know India better than any other Pakistani ruler. Love more than any country.” I do.” And I got respect in India. Because cricket is like a religion in both the countries. When I became PM, I spoke to PM Modi for the first time. Meanwhile, I said, my goal is to reduce poverty in the country. Good trade relations are essential between Pakistan, it will benefit both the countries.

Imran said, “We have always tried to improve relations but we have not got any response. I think RSS ideology is responsible for this. PM Modi is also associated with RSS. I think India’s leadership is someone else.” of.” he said. If so, our relationship will be better. We could have resolved our differences through dialogue.

However, before the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, Imran Khan had said that if the BJP comes to power and PM Modi becomes the Prime Minister again, the possibility of a story of peace will increase.

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