Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Exemptions given by UAE to Indian cargo and charter planes

Restrictions on flights to 13 other countries remain in place

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates has lifted the ban on flights to 13 other countries including India. However, India’s cargo airlines, business and charter airlines will be exempted from the ban.

The country’s civil aviation authority on Sunday said it will fly to India, Pakistan, Liberia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and South Africa. UAE has banned all flights to India from 24th April. However, UAE citizens and political leaders were exempted from the ban.

Dubai will reopen its borders to foreign arrivals from July. Restrictions on flights from India, South Africa and Nigeria to Dubai have been eased from June 23. According to the new protocol, UAE nationals from India and South Africa will be allowed entry only if the person has been vaccinated for corona before traveling to the UAE.


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