People are sad when Kim Jong Un loses weight, people cry after seeing him

Pyongyang, Sunday 27 June 2021

The citizens of North Korea are saddened by the sudden weight loss of their leader Kim Jong Un. The news agency Reuters has given this information. These reactions are coming at a time when they have been out of sight of the country’s television and public for months. “We are saddened to see the respected Secretary General (Kim Jong Un) slim down,” a North Korean citizen told state broadcasters.

“Everyone was in tears seeing him,” said the citizen. The statements by North Korean citizens came as reports emerged in early June that 37-year-old Kim had lost a lot of weight. The state media of the country has broadcast the statement of a citizen of Pyongyang, in which this information has come to the fore.

In the clip, North Koreans are seen watching a video of an event on the big skin, in which Kim Jong Un and other members of his party are seen.

Due to North Korea’s strict laws and restrictions on the media, accurate information is difficult to find, how Kim lost weight, North Korea had been away from the public for a long time, was first seen in June when a website revealed that she lost weight Have done.

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