Tourist jumps on runway after failing to enter cockpit in US

The runway at Los Angeles Airport was closed for three hours

Incidents involving travelers have increased in the United States: the issue of compliance with regulations, including masks

LOS ANGELES: A passenger on an F-Flight taking off from the Los Angeles airport in the US jumped into the cockpit and jumped out of the emergency exit.

The man has been taken to the hospital for treatment and will be taken into custody for further questioning. The Los Angeles airport’s runway was closed for three hours due to the incident.

On the night of June 25, when United Express was flying from Los Angeles Airport to Salt Lake City on Flight 5365 from Los Angeles Airport, a passenger on board had a heated argument with the flight crew. He then tried to enter the cockpit.

However, without opening the cockpit door, he opened the service door and jumped from the emergency exit onto the paved runway. The security personnel on the runway picked him up there. However, he was taken to the hospital for treatment after being injured in a runway collision.

After treatment, he will be taken into custody and investigated. A day earlier, a similar incident happened at the Los Angeles airport. The matter has been investigated by Since the implementation of the Corona rules, there have been more than 3,000 such incidents in America. The reason for the incidents is a tussle between passengers and staff over compliance with the coded rules including masks.

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