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US: 5 killed, 156 missing in Florida building collapse

In this accident that happened 2 days ago, there is a problem in saving from the fire in the debris.

New Delhi Date. Sunday, June 27, 2021

More than 100 people died when a 12-storey building collapsed in the US city of Florida. So far 5 bodies buried under the rubble have been retrieved and the rescue work is still on. An inquiry has been ordered after the accident.

According to the information received, a building suddenly collapsed near the Miami Sea in Florida. Five people have died in this accident and the death toll is still likely to be very high. The accident happened 2 days back and rescue work is still going on.

Rescue teams have successfully rescued several people from the rubble but 156 people are still feared trapped. Rescue teams found another body in the rubble of a condominium tower on Saturday, raising the death toll to five.

After the building collapsed, the debris caught fire, making rescue work difficult. According to the mayor of Miami-Dade, the flames are very high and fire department personnel are having trouble finding the source. Fire rescue operations are being hampered and the cause of the accident is yet to be ascertained.

Officials say they are sending the human remains found from the building for medical examination. They are also collecting DNA samples from family members to identify the deceased.


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